The Goal of Marketing is to Drive Sales!

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Are You Ready to Get Your Sales Powered Marketing™ Started?

Learn how to apply inbound principals to your marketing and sales efforts. We'll give you the concepts and then show you how to implement them on your own website. 

This class is perfect for small businesses with a tight budget that want to 1) Do it themselves or 2) Be confident when hiring marketing professionals.

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Each class is limited to 10 companies. Tell us about your business and we'll group you with businesses with similar characteristics. 

Workshop includes:

  • Eight classes over sixteen weeks
  • Classes are 2-hours long
    • Presentation of subject matter
    • Real world examples using students' websites and campaigns
    • Ask-me-anything with our CEO Brent Robinson
  • Classes are online
    • Classroom options avaiable for Northwest Arkansas businesses only
  • Zoom recording of every class
    • Access to presentations and resource lists
  • Slack channel for you to connect with your classmates and continue the conversation after you complete the workshop 
  • One hour of one-on-one couseling after completing the workshop

Download the full syllabus here

Full 8-Class Workshop for $1,600

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We will review your details and give you a call to determine if the workshop is a good fit for your company. 

We look forward to speaking with you!